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Bob Eaglesfield

I am sad to inform Big Bird Design customers that Bob Eaglesfield, the proprietor, (pictured above) passed away on 27 May 2019 having battled with cancer for some time.

Bob thoroughly enjoyed designing websites for businesses in the Dartmouth area and I know he would wish all his customers well. I’m sorry if news of his death comes as a shock.

My name is Guy Eaglesfield (Bob’s son) and I am the executor of his will.

If you have a website hosted by Big Bird Design, it will in fact be hosted by a company called Ionos (formerly known as 1&1) with whom my father had an account.

Since Bob’s death, I have taken over his 1&1 Ionos account and, if you have any issues or questions, I can be contacted at Telephone (020) 7430 3705 during working hours or 07738 135562 at other times.

Unlike my father, I know next to nothing about web design so cannot personally fix problems with your websites. However, Ionos are very helpful and they recently cleaned up viruses which had affected some sites.

There is a cost to keeping website domain names and hosting and staying virus-free, and until 30 June 2020 it is my intention to keep paying the bills so that your businesses are not affected.

However, before that deadline arrives, you will need to find yourselves a new web designer who is willing to take over the hosting/design of your website.

Alex Knight is a web designer local to the Dartmouth area who may be able to help. Otherwise just Google web designers/web developers in your area.

I can arrange access to my father’s account for any web designer you employ. They can download the relevant files and then manage the hosting with their preferred supplier.

I hope the cost and inconvenience is not too much.

Kind regards,

Guy Eaglesfield

Guy Eaglesfield