Big Bird Design creates presentations for projection in conference halls – and for small group discussions with a laptop or a tablet. We also create presentations for big screen display at exhibitions.

Custom-built presentations frequently have optional sections so that their use can be varied depending on the audience with, for instance, greater product detail only shown when appropriate.

Presentations have generally been created using Flash as this provides total typographic control and facilitates custom animation. With the planned demise of Flash, alternative techniques (e.g., Keynote, HTML5) will have to be used.

The Flash presentation above can be seen on iOS devices by using the Photon web browser rather than Safari to look at it. Photon can be used to view any website with Flash content.

Other graphic design

Big Bird Design can undertake virtually any graphic design project – logos, stationery, business cards; advertisements; large display posters; even van exterior design.

We designed the logo as well as the van decor.

Some advertisements created by Big Bird Design.